Level 2 Electrical Training

Level 2 Electrical Training


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Level 2 Electrician Diploma Course                         

If you are look to become a qualified electrician within domestic, commercial or industrial installation then this is your starting point. This qualification provides the appropriate practical and theoretical background to progress to the next stage in qualifying as an electrician. Learners are guided through the science, safety and installation technology necessary to understand how electricity works within different medium.

On successful completion you may decide to gain experience working in installation or maintenance . You may also wish to explore our Level 3 courses before working.

Course Overview

Some areas you will cover include:

  • Legislations which  applies in the work place
  • Environmental and Health and Safety situations in the work environment
  • Standard units of measurement used in electrical installation, maintenance and design work
  • Relationship between resistance, resistivity, voltage current and power
  • Principles which underpin the relationship between magnetism and electricity
  • Electronic components in electro-technical systems and equipment
  • Wiring systems of electrical installations
  • Type of earthing systems
  • Know how electricity is supplied
  • Types of micro-renewable energies
  • Construction team and their role within the building services industry
  • Information sources in the building services industry
  • Communication with others in the building services industry

Course Duration

This course is covered over a  period of 30 days during the weekends, there is also an option for evenings only.


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