Identification of Electrical Wiring

Identification of Electrical WiringAs required by Regulation 514.1.2, wiring should be arranged and/or marked so that it is readily identified for the purposes of inspection, testing, repair or alteration, and each circuit protective device (circuitbreaker, fuse or RCD) should be arranged and identified so that the circuit protected may be easily recognised (Regulation 514.8.1).

Where it is impracticable to individually label protective devices, the protective devices may be identified by means of a durable chart or schedule fitted inside the cover of, or adjacent to, the consumer unit or distribution board. Regulation 514.9.1 requires that the form of information provided is legible and durable, and indicates:

  • the type, and composition of each circuit (number of points served, number and size of conductors, type of wiring) and,
  • the method for providing shock protection (which protective measure (such as ADS) has been provided), and
  • the information necessary for the identification of each device performing the functions of protection, isolation and switching, and its location, and
  • any circuit or equipment vulnerable to a typical test.

For a typical domestic premises and other simple types of installations, a copy of the combined ‘Schedule of Circuit Details and Test Results’, which forms part of an NICEIC Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate, fixed within or adjacent to the consumer unit is likely to achieve compliance with Regulation 514.9.1. For more complex installations, however, more comprehensive information will be required.

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