How to write a great CV

How do you write a successful CV which captures the attention of the recruiter? Your CV is your passport to your interview. Its sole objective is to sell you and your skills to a prospective employer enough so that they want to meet you in person.

It is not an autobiography. Stick to clear and concise information about what you have achieved and you'll be on your way to writing a great CV. Employers have to make decisions on whether to invite candidates for interview on what they see.

You will also be judged on the presentation of your CV as well the content.

How to write a CV - the basics.

  • word process your CV. If you print a copy, use good quality paper. Try and stick to one type font throughout the CV and also use the same font in your covering letter.
  • no more than two pages – employers look for enough information to invite you to interview. If you cannot convey relevant information in two pages, they probably won’t take the time to read any further
  • no need to write ‘Curriculum Vitae’ at the top – it will be perfectly obvious what it is.

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